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Poinsettia Colours

Poinsettia Colours 2019

Poinsettia Colours 2019 

This year we have a superb range of coloured Poinsettias- making your Christmas colourful and magical…

13cm Poinsettias: 
Burgundy- Christmas feelings merlot
                            Cortez burgundy

Cinnamon- cinnamon star
                             Viking cinnamon
                             Christmas beauty queen
White- candy mint
                     White star

Cream- elegance white
                      Christmas feelings white
Marble- Christmas beauty marble
                        Infinity marble
Glitter-  Sonora white glitter
                         Primera red glitter
                         Christmas feelings glitter
Light pink- Christmas feelings pink
                            Christmas beauty princess

Dark pink- Venus hot pink
                          Pink Cadillac
Fancy-  ice punch
                     Ice crystal
                    Autumn leaves
                     Golden glow
Red- mira red
                    Astro red

Growing Poinsettias


Poinsettia CarouselBelow we have added how our grower, at West Country Grown, produces such outstanding poinsettias!

Potted end of June– Longer cooler growing season than most to produce tougher, stronger plants (Temp 18c)

Tips pinched after 3 weeks– we pinch 9 leaves to produce a bushier plant. 21c temp for 2 weeks to ensure side shoots all grow and then back down to 18c.

Spaced 3 times– each plant is graded so when the growth regulator is applied, they are all even, this keeps the plant compact. Final spacing is at 8 pots per m2 which ensures air movement, to stop the plants from rotting.

Initiation– The coloured leaves are made by the plant the 3rd week in Sept (equinox) when the day length is reduced.

Final month– Temp is raised to 22c for the last two weeks in October to make the coloured leaves as large as possible. Then the temp is dropped gradually to 14c, so the crop is hardened ready for Garden Centre sale.

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