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27th September 2019
Poinsettia Colours

Poinsettia Colours 2019

Poinsettia Colours 2019 

This year we have a superb range of coloured Poinsettias- making your Christmas colourful and magical…

13cm Poinsettias: 
Burgundy- Christmas feelings merlot
                            Cortez burgundy

Cinnamon- cinnamon star
                             Viking cinnamon
                             Christmas beauty queen
White- candy mint
                     White star

Cream- elegance white
                      Christmas feelings white
Marble- Christmas beauty marble
                        Infinity marble
Glitter-  Sonora white glitter
                         Primera red glitter
                         Christmas feelings glitter
Light pink- Christmas feelings pink
                            Christmas beauty princess

Dark pink- Venus hot pink
                          Pink Cadillac
Fancy-  ice punch
                     Ice crystal
                    Autumn leaves
                     Golden glow
Red- mira red
                    Astro red

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