Basket Planting Guide

Now you have chosen your plants, follow this step by step guide to get the best results, we do suggest for a 14inch basket that 6 plants is enough to fill it fully:


Line your basket with 2 to 3 inches of moss or use a commercial liner (if using moss add a layer of polythene to retain water before adding compost which will help retain water, you must pierce holes around your polythene liner).


Fill your basket to 2 inches from the top with compost, add a slow release fertilizer into the compost (if you dont do this you will need to feed regularly for best results)


Set plants out on to the top of the compost, arranging the trailing plants towards the side of the basket and the taller bush plants towards the centre, allow plenty of room to grow.


Dig holes and plant, set in each plant and cover the roots firmly and gently.


Fill the basket with more compost – but not to the brim as you need to allow room when watering.


Plant the sides of the basket if needed, simply dig through the moss/polythene and set plants in, holes ware normally pre-cut in the liner. It is easier to do this if the baskets are hanging and in easy reach.

Our recommendation for side planting a basket would be trailing Lobelia as this is grown in a manageable size to fit through the holes without damaging the plant.


Carefully water in your basket, let the water seek out of the bottom.

Please remember – if your basket is in full sun it will need to be watered once a day – making sure you give enough water to seep out of the bottom of the basket. If a basket is positioned in the shade it won’t need as much watering.

Growers tip:

Remember to dead-head old flowers on a regular basis.

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