Bedding Planting Guide

  • We have created a planting guide for bedding plants.
  • Make sure the ground is weed free,
  • Fork over the ground breaking down any hard soil.
  • Remove plant carefully remove plant from its container,never pull plant out of its container by its leafs,just give the bottom of the container a little squeeze,then turn over the container and gently work out the plant.always work the plant out from the bottom and gently pull the root ball from the sides as the plants start to come out.
  • Always place the plant at the correct depth,at the top of the root ball at the same level as your garden soil you are planting into.
  • if you plant too deeply, the plant may rot off and die ,too high and your plant will dry out and won’t thrive.
  • Dig out your hole a little larger then the plants root ball size, then add some good compost and slow release feed granules.
  • Place the plant in the hole and infill with more compost. doing this will give your plant a better start.
  • Water in thoroughly. After watering in, check to make sure your the root ball has not settled and is still at the correct level. You may need to replant by adding a bit more compost to the bottom of the hole.
  • just remember to put down something to control slugs and snails ,with a recommended remedy from your garden centre.

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