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Carnation Bowl

New to this week!

**Made to order on site**- Here at West Country Grown we use our quality stock to produce our own exclusive carnation bowls. Each bowl is full to the brim with compact and dense carnations, which will produce a mass of colours and flowers.

  • Makes a perfect gift
  • Pinks, reds, purples, orange and whites

Versatile Cyclamen

Versatile Cyclamen 

Did you know Cyclamen were so versatile?

Our cyclamen look amazing, alone, but have you ever considered mixing it up?

Why not let us do the work for you.

Cyclamen are one of the best sellers this time of year, you can find them almost everywhere, Garden Centres, Farm Shops and even some Supermarkets. However, you could be different, stand out, sell amazing Cyclamen in a multitude of ways!

Not only do we produce outstanding quality Cyclamen alone, we also put these Cyclamen into baskets, bowls and patio pots. Each and every basket, bowl or pot is unique in their own way! Our baskets and patio pots are complemented by our other stock. Therefore, this provides a full product, with an explosion of colours and flowers.

Makes for a perfect Christmas gift or even a gift for the customer, themselves.

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Cyclamen Range 2018

Cyclamen Range 2018

One of the biggest, best sellers this time of year is our amazing cyclamen range. Compact, dense plants with strong stems, full of flower, make for a wonderful selling point in any garden centre.

We ensure our cyclamen are spaced on time, consequently, allowing air flow so the plant doesn’t rot. In addition to this, the plant can then grow to its fullest potential- producing unique colourful flowers.

13cm Halios

13cm Intermediate

13cm Mini Cyclamen

10cm Mini Cyclamen

Want to see more?

Check out our Cyclamen Range Video 


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