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Cyclamen Range 2018

Cyclamen Range 2018

One of the biggest, best sellers this time of year is our amazing cyclamen range. Compact, dense plants with strong stems, full of flower, make for a wonderful selling point in any garden centre.

We ensure our cyclamen are spaced on time, consequently, allowing air flow so the plant doesn’t rot. In addition to this, the plant can then grow to its fullest potential- producing unique colourful flowers.

13cm Halios

13cm Intermediate

13cm Mini Cyclamen

10cm Mini Cyclamen

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Dianthus Purple Wedding **NEW TO 2019**

11cm Dianthus Purple Wedding **NEW TO 2019**


Dianthus Purple Wedding provides unbelievable flowerage- dozens of beautiful flowers and flower buds start to appear very early, in this variety. The flower is made up of three different colours, making this variety a huge hit.

  • -Hardy
  • -Scented



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Dianthus Peach Party

11cm Dianthus Peach Party  **NEW TO 2019** 

Dianthus Peach Party is an apricot, peach coloured flower, which provides a sea of colour. This compact plant, belongs to the carnation strain.  In the spring, this plant produces a highly ravishing bloom, which complements the pastel trend. While, in the summer, the variety develops a lucid red eye, forming a contrast between the dark centre and the lighter edge of the flower.

  • Slightly scented
  • Hardy Plant
  • Numerous flowers

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