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6th June 2019


10cm Verbena

A small selection of our stunning 10cm Verbena this year..

Still producing masses of flowers over dense and compact plants. Perfect for containers, tubs and baskets.

Listed below some of the colours we grow:

  •  Showboat Pink
  •  Showboat Red
  •  Showboat Salmon
  •  Showboat Midnight
  •  True Blue
  •  Blue Eyes
  •  Mango Orange
  •  Twister Pink
  •  Twister Blue
  •  Twister Red
  •  Wild Rose
  •  Burgundy
  •  Vintage Rose
  •  Trailing White
  •  Vectura Pink
  •  Vectura White
  •  Vectura Scarlet Eye
  •  Vectura Purple
  •  Vectura Coral
  •  Red Star
  • Candy Cane
  • Etc..


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